Royal Precision Tools Corporation
was established in 2003 in Taichung, Taiwan.

We strongly believe in going the extra mile. So we deliver only the best quality, highest speed, and most accurate spindle designs born of technical expertise. We go beyond expectations of standard quality to achieve the highest precision, stability, rigidity and efficiency. As testament to the results we provide, Royal spindles are increasingly found in machine tools made by big name international machine tool manufacturers, earning high marks along the way.

Royal consistently reaches higher levels in full.

Through regular staff training, improving production processes, and the implementation of new technology for better spindle design; Royal consistently reaches higher levels in full. And we assembled an R&D team made up of only the brightest and most experienced spindle professionals.

At Royal we take pride in how we listen to and understand customer needs.

Our built in spindle has been developed to the most exacting standards, and is now in the mass production phase. As technology requires spindles of guaranteed accuracy, Royal spindles are built using precision equipment in a temperature controlled and dust free production environment. And we have introduced top quality, high precision testing equipment to strengthen our testing abilities and spindle performance. These include coordinate measuring machine, concentricity tester, CNC rotary surface grinder, high precision vertical grinder, and balancing machine. At Royal we take pride in how we listen to and understand customer needs. Our expertise in machine tool spindles will fulfill every aspect of your specific machining requirements.Moreover, with a strong spirit of team work and the finest production & inspection facilities available, we offer different categories of spindles in both standard and custom specifications. Successful execution of every project we embark on is our core target. Without doubt, the projects Royal has executed in Taiwan and foreign lands have achieved high approval and built strong alliances with our clients.